An Introduction

Looking for Evidence of Past Industrial Activity in Woodlands

The Industrial Treescapes project was set up by SYBRG (the South Yorkshire Econet) with funding from the East Peak Industrial Heritage Support Programme to help local groups in South and West Yorkshire uncover their woodland’s industrial past.

A survey guide has been produced with help from volunteers which is available to download from the title page below as a pdf file.

ITP survey guide Jan13Fc

The pages in this website give you some of the information from the survey guide and highlight work which was carried out as part of the project. Here, you will be able to find out about:

Although the project is focussed on the East Peak area in South & West Yorkshire, a lot of the information also applies to other areas of the UK.

The East Peak Industrial Heritage Support Programme is jointly funded by English Heritage and Leader (with funding from Defra and the European Union). For more information please visit .

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