Gathering the Evidence

Silkstone group on field visit

Silkstone group on field visit

What are Industrial Treescapes?

The East Peak area has a rich and diverse legacy of industrial remains. It was one of the leading areas during the Industrial Revolution but for hundreds of years before that there was smaller scale industrial activity. The woods and individual trees harvested from hedges and common land all played their part in providing some of the raw materials and fuel for these industries. Today, there is still evidence of this industrial past and this project sets out to show people what to look for and how to record what they find.

Finding out about the geology, archaeology, ecology and history of a treescape and putting these aspects together lets you build up a detailed picture of its industrial past. It will give you information about how the woodland was used and managed at different times in the past and why it has come to look like it does today.

Work looking into the four elements (archaeology, ecology, geology and history) can be carried out by different people in your group and at different times. You may decide to concentrate on one or two aspects focusing on the main questions you want answered to start with. Following the links through these pages will help you to do this.

Archaeology.               Ecology.                Geology.             History

However it is often only when the information from all the aspects is brought together that the full picture of the industrial treescape emerges. This may be for the longer term; the most important thing is to make a start!