Recording Features

This section gives some basic information to get you started on the process of recording the evidence of past activity in an industrial treescape. The survey guide available as a downloadable .pdf gives more details.

All recording activities and surveys need to be planned carefully including getting permission to carry out the work. See ‘Getting Started’ for more information.

Recording a platform feature

Recording a platform feature

The first stage is to carry out an initial survey to record all the features you can find. This is a ‘Level 1: Walkover’ survey. Once this has been completed and the information assessed you will have a good idea of which parts of the treescape to focus on for more detailed work.  A detailed plan and profile of specific features such as a platform or hollow, bank or ditch can be made. This is a ‘Level 2: Plan/Profile’ survey. It will give you precise information about the type of feature which you can then compare to other similar features to help you decide the function of the feature.

Living archaeology in the form of worked trees can also be recorded by carrying out a ‘Level 2: Worked Trees’ survey. The detailed work recording these trees will help build up a picture of past woodland activity.

Carrying out these surveys may also lead to further questions to pursue as part of the accompanying historical research.